The Traveling Boob

These boobs have nursed in 5 states within the last 8 months. Not bad. With my oldest son, I only managed to nurse him in Illinois, and barely even did that. It was a tough road with Ben – many different obstacles and not enough support. So, in the end he was formula-fed, although I was able to pump for about 5 months. This new kid though, well, I prepared myself well for this adventure. I took another breastfeeding course, hired a postpartum doula who is also a La Leche League leader, and utilized my lactation consultants in the hospital. And, here we are 8 and a half months later and we have nursed in airports, on planes, in rest areas, at 3 different zoos, on the side of the road, in the northwoods, overlooking the Ohio river, and watching the sunset on the soft white sands of the Gulf of Mexico.

Some of the great things about nursing and traveling are:

1)     You do not need to worry about going through security at the airport. You don’t have to put the bottles with formula in a ziplock bag, remember to pull it out of your diaper bag to show to the TSA agents. You just have your boobs.

2)      You don’t have to worry if the formula will stay cold in the cold in the cooler. Your body is your best temperature control.

3)     You don’t have to mess with bottles and worry about whether you packed enough. Your boobs are like a tap at the bar – the milk never seems to stop flowing when your baby needs another round.

However, my most favorite thing about traveling and nursing is the peacefulness of it. There isn’t a rush to mix a bottle to help calm a screaming baby. You just latch him on and let him suckle away. We have spent some beautiful moments just enjoying the scenery and taking it in while he nurses. And, when he’s done, there’s no worry about having to clean a bottle, you just button up and you are back on the road – until the next diaper change, of course.

Jennifer is a stay-at-home mom to two crazy boys. She dabbles in being a postpartum doula, an activist in the developmental disabilities community, and working as a short-order cook for her 3 year-old. She also blogs about her boys’ lives here ( when her eye isn’t twitching from lack of sleep.

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