Nurslings Say the Darnedest Things…

Chicago moms share their favorite nursling commentaries.

Beth C: Today [my 23 month old] says to me as we sit down to nurse, “Mommy, take shirt off. Me no like!”

Brandy V: When Charlie was about 18 months old he always asked for “alluvthum.” [Say that out loud.] Yes, he wanted both boobs at once! And the few times I obliged him (mostly because I was laughing too hard to decline) he would grab them like one big hogey and try to squeeze the nips together so he could, literally, have ‘alluvthum’ at once! It never quite worked but he had fun trying.

Amy C: Lately, [my almost 2 year old] started saying “Mama, want YOUR mimis.” This is in response to other members of the family pretending to offer when she asks. She’s learned to be specific now 🙂

Christel F: [My son] tells me to cover the side he isn’t eating…

Katrina P: If my 3 year old sees me naked, he points to my boobs and says, “Those are breasts. Are they for nursing a baby?” Awww, he misses nursing so much. Poor thing.

K.P: S (almost 2.5 yo) makes me take out my ENTIRE boob to nurse him. If I try to lift my shirt or be discreet at all, he freaks out and says, “Take your boobie out!!! Take it out! Don’t cover it!”

L.S:  My 20 month old does aerobics/yoga while nursing!

E.D: My 2 year old says, “mom, 2 boobs!” and I’m 37 weeks pregnant so I have very little milk at this point (if any?!) so he nurses for a short time, then stops and says “boob empty! drank all milkies!”

M.S: My son has been weaned for a year now and lately he has been peeking down the collar of my shirt and saying “hi boobs” or when we do the eyes, ears, nose (body parts, etc) he points and says “boobs.”

Beth C: Uh, this is kind of embarrassing but every time we nurse at home (same spot on the couch each time) Q picks up the remote and says “Here mama, mote for you.” Yeah, I still watch crap tv while nursing. Also, Q is a little confused sometimes. His “new” word, when he hurts himself is “boobie” instead of boo boo. He skinned his knee a few days ago and now all we hear is, “Momma, Dadda baby has BOOBIE.”

N.L: I would ask him if he wanted to nurse on the other side… So he started to ask for “more shide? More shide?”

Kristin P: Aubrey’s word for nursing is ‘yummy.’ Whenever he wants to nurse, he comes running to me and says ‘yum yum yummy!!!!’ while simultaneously giving the sign for milk. He has done this since about 18 mo – he is 28 mo now. He also alternates between calling me ‘mama’ and ‘yummy’. It’s a riot and I love that my milk is so delicious that ‘yummy’ is the word he feels most appropriately describes it 🙂

S.C: Darren will come off during let down sometimes and go “uuuuummm” and let the stream of milk flow in his mouth…lol.

E.H: My oldest used to try to unbutton my blouse and would furiously wiggle his fingers on the buttons, a little after a year old.

M.H: I have 2 – my daughter called nursing “dee-dees”, and her very first 2-word phrase came at 16 months old – she had just finished nursing and smiled up at me, drunk on breast milk, and said, “Mmm, dee-dees!” [Then] at about 19 months [she] was listening to my 3-year-old and me sing Wheels on the Bus – we sang the part about the babies crying, and then I asked “And what do the mommies do when the babies cry?” (thinking she would say ‘the mommies on the bus go shh shh shh’) – my breastfed toddler said, “give dee-dees!” We still sing it that way to this day – what a better version! 😉

A.C: The other day was watching Diego with my girls, and Diego was giving baby polar bears a bottle. I asked my 3yr old if baby polar bears really drink from bottles in the wild. Much to my dismay, she said yes. So I asked her what was in the bottles. She replied “Pumped milk from the mama polar bear!”

C.J: My nephew (who was 3 at the time, but had been EBF) while I was breastfeeding my son (who was 2 months at the time). Nephew: “Is that where you keep his milk?” Me: “It is.” Nephew: “I keep mine in the fridge.”

Sharon K: My 22 month old curls up in my arms and with a smile says “nigh, nigh peas” 🙂 Puts a smile to my face no matter what type of day I had!

Catherine M: I swear my almost 5 month old already has a word for breastfeeding. It seems that she says “meh! meh! meh!” when she wants to nurse.

Erin G: When my son was around two months he would make sounds like he was trying to get my attention by coughing and clearing his throat. “ah hehh ah hehh ah hehh”. I wish now that I got that on tape. Now he makes the milk sign. Sometimes I’ll get the cough. [It] was so funny. I miss it. 🙁 I’ll get the cough now when he’s sleeping and nursing. He will wake up “ah hehh ah hehh” which means “hey ma where are you?” 🙂

M.S: One night when Nathan was a newborn, he started nursing while we were in bed asleep. My husband woke me up and asked if Nathan was ok…because he was gulping so loudly…Doug said that it sounded like he was stuck on the end of a fire hose trying to keep up! He’s been a ninja night nurser ever since.



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