Don’t Poo Poo Public Breastfeeding!

In response to people who oppose breastfeeding in public on the grounds of it being just as natural as urinating and defecating

I hear this response all too often when the subject of breastfeeding in public comes up. A breastfeeding supporter will comment that “nursing is natural” and thus should be allowed anywhere public or private that the mother is allowed to be (which by the way is protected by law in 45 states). Then an antagonist comes up with the brilliant retort that “so is urinating or defecating. So then why can’t people just relieve themselves whenever and wherever they please?” Here’s why:

Because when a woman nurses her child in public (and in private for that matter) she doesn’t leave behind a puddle of milk or a pile of curds. She leaves her little nursing nook just as clean as it was before she hiked up her shirt and latched her babe. When a mother gets up after nursing her child and walks away there is no remaining evidence that they were ever there and nothing for the janitor to clean up. There’s nothing there for you to slip on or step in. Nothing emitting a foul odor or attracting flies. Breastfeeding is clean and leaves no trace, save for a happy, healthy baby and a relaxed and relevant mama.


Brandy Van Vossen studied Environmental Biology at Saint Xavier University. She is currently a stay at home mammal mama to her two beautiful, breastfed children (2.5 years and 3 months) on Chicago’s south side.

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