Top Ten Things I Learned from Breastfeed Chicago (except that there are 22 things…)

Thank you to the ladies on the Breastfeed Chicago Facebook group for their contributions! In no particular order:

  1. Coconut oil apparently can cure ANYTHING.
  2. Find a supportive mama tribe – toxic relationships aren’t worth your time.
  3. Breastfeeding in public is not only possible; it’s normal!
  4. Preemies CAN learn to breastfeed!
  5. Twins can too!
  6. If your boobs look like they are covered in blood, check to make sure it isn’t just ketchup from lunch.
  7. Never quit on a bad day.
  8. Trust your baby and trust yourself.
  9. You’re not alone.
  10. That there are tons of mamas just like me who want to challenge society’s norms of breastfeeding.
  11. Toddlers can breastfeed, too!
  12. Don’t put limits on your expectations for nursing…do it until it no longer works.
  13. When you think you’re the only one with an issue, one of two things will happen: you will find that you are not alone, and you may learn something new in the process.
  14. Breastmilk has amazing antibacterial properties!
  15. What you pump isn’t an indication of your supply.
  16. Read up on “normal” baby sleep – it’s probably not what your grandma or girlfriend is telling you!
  17. Your breasts are never empty – you are always making milk.
  18. Pumping straight into storage bags will save a ton of time!
  19. Keep on keepin’ on and get help if you need it. Perseverance in those early weeks is key!
  20. “Put a little breastmilk on it.” Breast milk is to me as Windex is to “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”
  21. Side-lying nursing can save your sanity.
  22. AND… the number one thing that I’ve learned from Breastfeed Chicago is to never doubt the power of well-informed and supported moms to change the world, because we’re doing it every day.

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