16 Things You Can Do While Breastfeeding

Someone who would like to talk you out of breastfeeding might whine, “Oh, but breastfeeding takes so much time!”  And preparing bottles doesn’t? In the first place, our society places too much importance on getting volumes and masses of things done, as if that is how we prove our worth.  Yes, breastfeeding takes time.  So does paying attention to a child.  So does lovingly raising a child, for that matter. newmamakiss When first learning how to breastfeed your baby, you’ll need two hands and maybe even a pillow.  As time goes on, you’ll find you can get one hand free.  Here is a list (incomplete, to be sure) of things you can do while breastfeeding your baby: Relax and be in the moment.

  1. Talk on the phone.
  2. Count your baby’s eyelashes.
  3. Read to your older child.
  4. Talk to your baby.
  5. Read the complete works of Charles Dickens.
  6. Doze off for a beauty rest
  7. Drink water (hydrate, hydrate)!
  8. Visit with friends.
  9. Eat a nutritious snack.
  10. Mentally list your daily 10 Things to Be Grateful for
  11. With baby in a sling, take a walk.
  12. Relax outdoors.
  13. Play guessing games with your older child.
  14. Meditate.
  15. Eat ice-cream while pampering your face with a homemade facial mask
  16. Sure, you can text and surf and post, but it may not seem very important as those nursing hormones center your mind and open your heart.

Most of all, you will find that “getting a lot of stuff done” is no longer as imperative as it once seemed.  Now, simply “being” is “enough.”

Joy Davy, MS, LCPC, NCC is a counselor with a private practice in Hinsdale, Illinois.  She can be reached at [email protected].  Her website iswww.joydavy.com

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