Lactation Professionals Who Rock Our World

Almost daily, we have a mom on the Breastfeed Chicago Facebook group who clearly needs professional, one-on-one lactation help. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know it. We try – we try to convince her it will be worth the money and time, we try to convince her there’s absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out for help, we try to convince her that this investment will save her so much money, pain, tears and heartbreak in the future… but still she doesn’t believe us!

We’re writing a post on how different lactation professionals helped us through the rough spots, so that other moms can see what a *good* lactation professional can do for a mom’s confidence, skill and long-term breastfeeding satisfaction. If you got help from a Chicagoland lactation professional (maybe someone on our list), tell us a quick story about how she helped you. 1-2 paragraphs max!

Who was she? What issue were you having? How did you know you needed help? What did she do to help you overcome your issue? How did she make you feel? Why should other moms consider getting professional lactation help?

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