Announcing: BF Chicago T-Shirt Design Contest!

Design contest
Exciting stuff happening over here at Breastfeed Chicago. We are partnering up with Revolution Altrui, a t-shirt design company with a really big heart. We’re going to not only raise some money for a very cool project, but also we’re also going to give our Breastfeed Chicago members a chance to “express” their love for breastfeeding (yes, that was a breastfeeding pun – couldn’t help it).

If you’re an artist or graphic designer, submit a design by 11/21/14, and we’ll have our membership vote on their favorite designs – one for a mother’s t-shirt and one for a baby/toddler t-shirt. The chosen designs will be printed up and availble for purchase, supporting the Breastfeed Chicago Leadership Development Fund! Winners will get free mama and kiddo t-shirts, as well as a lot of publicity for their work! And our undying love.

Design contest terms: 
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What’s the Breastfeed Chicago Leadership Development Fund?

As much as we love the online support we give to moms on our Facebook group, we know that nothing replaces face-to-face support given by trained breastfeeding counselors and leaders, as well as the feeling of community and comraderie that comes from a group of moms coming together to support each other. We want to expand the number of breastfeeding support groups in the Chicagoland area, and to do that, we want to support moms to apply for and pay for the training needed to become an approved leader or counselor. We hope that by providing this support we will encourage more moms to consider becoming a breastfeeding advocate in their communities.

So, now you have it! Go out and make us some cool designs!!!!

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