Apply for Small Grants to Support Your Breastfeeding Community!

Way back in November, we held a t-shirt design contest to raise money for our Leadership Development Project. Revolution Altrui, a t-shirt printing company, made our dream into reality. In four months, we were able to raise $563 from the sales of the shirts! Thank you, all!

Now it’s time to give all the money back to worthy causes – yours! Until we run out of funds, we’ll be giving away small grants to Breasfeed Chicago members who have a plan for making breastfeeding better in their community.

Who can apply?

Any member of the Breastfeed Chicago Facebook group.

What can I use the money for?

Any initiative that encourages breastfeeding in your community.

No, really, what can I use it for?

Here are a couple of our ideas, but we trust you’ll have even better ones:

  • Pay for a breastfeeding training/certification so you can help other moms
  • Buy a book for your favorite doctor (Medications and Mothers’ Milk, for example)
  • Pay for a breastfeeding conference (like CABC‘s in the fall)
  • Stock your local breastfeeding support group’s library with some fun books
  • Buy supplies to show the size of babies’ stomachs for the nurses at your local hospital (example)

How much can I ask for?

Depends. Funds are limited, so you’ll need to really make a case for a grant of over $50. We really like matching grants, so if you and/or your friends can match the funds you’re asking for, all the better!

What’s the catch?

Nothing in this life is free. You get money, you gotta do something for us in return. Take pictures of yourself delivering the goods and post about it OR write a post for our blog about your experience OR volunteer to be a moderator of our group OR volunteer for our World Breastfeeding Week event… the options are limitless.

Apply here:

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