Whoot! Whoot! Katrina does it again!!

We are so proud of our Executive Director and Founder, Katrina Pavlik! She is the force that drives us all and with pieces like this, that get published in the Trib – you can see why. Read it – it’s good!

See the Op-Ed here:  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/opinion/commentary/ct-breastfeeding-mommy-wars-chicago-perspec-0402-jm-20150401-story.html

Tell us what you thought of this piece. What have you done to advocate for yourself as a mom?

3 thoughts on “Whoot! Whoot! Katrina does it again!!

  1. Breastfeeding Chicago’s article for the Chicago Trib has also appeared today (Feb 9) in the Willimantic Chronicle (Connecticut). Your points about shaming mothers, and giving them accurate info on breastfeeding, are very welcome and relevant here. Congratulations to Katrina Pavlik and all of your organization!
    Helen Armstrong, ex LLL Leader, IBCLC, and former consultant to UNICEF on global breastfeeding programs. Now I am retired, but still can celebrate the way our work is carried forward!

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