Is Your Insurance Company Failing You?


Did you know that the Affordable Care Act requires non-grandfathered insurance plans to cover lactation services and pumps? Yup. Awesome, right? Problem is, some insurance companies are not following either the spirit or letter of the law. Great news, the smart, savvy ladies over at Breastfeed Chicago have been working on this issue for a while, and we’ve got a whole mess of info for you, if you are looking to get your lactation costs covered.

First, take a look at this (FRONT PAGE!!!) article in the Chicago Tribune: It outlines all of the discrepancies between what insurance companies say they’re doing and how hard some moms have to work to get services reimbursed. Shameful.

Second, take a look at all this great info from the National Women’s Law Center – they’ve explained the law in detail and have created templates for reimbursement requests and appeals: //

Third, share your story with us! Comment below and let us know if you’ve had luck getting lactation services covered! If you haven’t, tell us that story, too! We want to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Is Your Insurance Company Failing You?

  1. BCBS just told me that they have no in network LC, but they will cover any LC at the in network benefit level up to what BCBS deems “reasonable and customary”. Anything over that amount, I have to pay out of pocket. Further, they can’t tell me how much they deem as the reasonable and customary amount ahead of time. They need procedure codes to tell me. I can’t control how much I’m charged. This isn’t right!

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