10 Ways Breastfeeding and Sex are Similar


10. You get very little practical guidance from your mother about how to do it properly.

9. It is not enjoyable in the beginning.

8. In fact, it is usually painful which makes you happy that it doesn’t last long.

7. You should probably take a class or have a conversation with an expert before your first time.

6. No television shows or movies realistically depict how it is really done.


5. Women who say things like, “My first time was so great”, “We didn’t have any problems getting it in correctly the first time” or, “I just instinctively connected and knew how to do everything perfectly” are liars, have amnesia, or are a Kardashian.

4. The only way to get good at either is to deal with your own body issues and/or societal expectations. In order to achieve your goal, you can’t be concerned about “looking perfect.”

3. Completion is the goal but the route to completion is different for everyone. There is no shame in needing “other devises” to help you complete the goal. THERE IS NO SHAME IN NEEDING HELP OR ASSISTANCE FROM “ARTIFICIAL DEVICES AND/OR NON-TRADITIONAL METHODS.”

2. The only way to make sure our daughters and other young women will have an easier time navigating both sex and breastfeeding, is by normalize both with honest dialogue about the struggles and the joy. Most importantly, we need to remove the shame and unrealistic expectations.

1. When done correctly, they both are amazing ways to bond with someone you love.

ShaRhonda Knott Dawson is the mother of two perfectly weird, strong-willed girls and has a husband who should be appointed a saint for co-existing in the madness that is our life. She is also a political satirical writer and some of writings can be found on her blog: www.musingsonstuff.com

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