Breastfeeding from a Dad’s Perspective

DSC_9179We hear all the time about how great the dads in our lives are, but this is the first time we’ve had a dad on a blog post! What were we thinking??? Partners who support breastfeeding not only make Mom’s life easier, they ensure the very best nutrition for their little one and a lifetime of better health.

(Thanks to Giovanni for being our inaugural Breastfeed Chicago dad blogger and thanks for being such an awesome dad!)

BFC: Giovanni, why do you support breastfeeding?

Gio: As a dad I support breastfeeding because so many studies show that children who are breastfed have stronger immune systems, higher IQs, and it’s cheaper, easier and it’s so much more convenient!

BFC: What were your assumptions about breastfeeding before your son arrived?

Gio: Honestly, it wasn’t something that I put much thought into until we became pregnant. I had no prior knowledge! I did so much research! I was a first time dad and wanted to read every book or article available so that I was “ready” for when our son actually came.

BFC: When you talk to other dads about breastfeeding, what do you say, if anything?

Gio: This is awkward. Well, we are pretty young. None of my friends have kids yet. I know my wife has a few friends who think she is weird for having a “2 year-old who sucks on her boob,” but she handles those comments on her own. Side note: I don’t think she’s friends when those people anymore. But my best friend was breastfed for a really long time, and he was the reason I started reading up on it. He is the only person I really talk to about the topic. I feel like none of my other guy friends would understand. When we talk, it’s usually about how proud I am of my wife or how we can’t really go on dates because A. needs her every hour or two.

BFC: What’s your favorite thing about breastfeeding?

Gio: My favorite thing about breastfeeding is that whenever our son falls, gets hurt, feels scared… it’s the only thing that makes him happy! Also teething! Our son won’t eat anything when he’s teething, and I feel so much better knowing that he will breastfeed and get all the nutrients he needs for that day or two with no food intake! I really admire my wife for breastfeeding, and we both feel really strongly about it.

G and baby
Gio and his beautiful son

If you know of dads-to-be or dads of breastfeeding babes, below are some great articles to reference. Remember, breastfeeding is a relationship, and the dad/significant other can be a fantastic addition and support to nurturing and enhancing this relationship.

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Giovanni Ramirez is the father of a 2 year old. “We love to play guitar together, play Hot Wheels and trains, read “Brown Bear Brown Bear,” watch Toy Story, and we LOVE ice cream dates!”

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