The ACA & Breastfeeding Insurance Coverage

I know you’re tired.  Parenthood is exhausting.  Just getting out the door has become a monumental task. When your days are full of nursing or pumping, diapers, back to work, family management, and all the other bajillion things that you need to get done before the sun goes down (and your baby wakes up, amirite?) thinking about insurance coverage violations are the LAST thing you have time for!

But, here’s the thing:  we NEED to know about them.  We NEED to be educated consumers because reports have documented that insurance companies are violating the law.  We need to know the difference between a grandfathered and a non-grandfathered plan to find out if the coverage even applies to us.  We need to know how to read our plans and understand our benefits.  We need to know what a self-insured plan is (especially important for those insured through a union or trade organization).  And, we need to know if we’ve been incorrectly reimbursed for an expense and how to file complaints when something is wrong.

To help make all this a little easier to digest, we’ve created a simple infographic for ACA-compliant healthcare plans.

Now, this is not going to apply to everyone, we know.  If you have a TRICARE military plan or a traditional Medicaid plan, this doesn’t apply.  But, if you have a plan that is not grandfathered and is therefore compliant with the ACA – whether you purchase it yourself through the marketplace or whether you get it through your employer – all of the following applies to your health care plan’s coverage.

Know the Facts of ACA Breastfeeding Insurance Plan Coverage


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