Where can I pump while I’m away from my baby? – Holiday Breastfeeding Question #5

To celebrate the holidays, we’re posting the top five holiday breastfeeding questions from the Breastfeed Chicago Facebook group and answers from our experts. Here is our final question!

Where to pump when you're out without baby


Heading to Christkindlmarket without baby? Celebrating Kwanzaa at the DuSable Museum during naptime? Checking out “The Sound of Music” kid-free? You’ll likely need to pump if you are away from baby for longer than two or three hours.

It never hurts to call ahead and ask to speak with guest services about accommodations for nursing and pumping parents. Let the person you speak with know about your need for privacy and an electrical outlet. They may know just the place! Often, family rooms or nursing rooms are private enough for pumping. If the location is less than accommodating, or you’re in a pinch, never underestimate the power of a manual pump and a nursing cover or shawl! Or if you drive to your destination, you could pump in your car.

Two apps available can help you locate a pumping spot ahead of time: Mamava and Moms Pump Here.  Many of the locations listed on these apps have been crowd-sourced by other pumpers.

Here are a few pumping-friendly Chicago spots to get you started:

Northwestern Medicine Prentice Women’s Hospital at 250 E. Superior has a lactation room you can use for pumping on the first floor near triage.

Water Tower Place at 835 N. Michigan Avenue has a mother’s room inside the fourth floor bathroom that has a lock on the door, making pumping more private.

Macy’s at 111 N. State Street has a great pumping area separate from their bathroom space. Helpful hint: Many shopping centers make pumping possible — use their dressing room areas!

The Shedd Aquarium at 1200 S. Lake Shore Drive has a nursing room on the main floor that is pump-friendly.

Wrigley Field at 1060 W. Addison has a First Aid room on the main concourse behind home plate that accommodates pumpers. Helpful hint: Many other stadiums and athletic centers will allow you to pump in their first aid rooms!

The Art Institute at 111 S. Michigan Avenue has a nursing room on the second floor, just off the Impressionism wing. It is past Gallery 249 and the information kiosk.

BuyBuy Baby at 1419 N. Kingsbury has a semi-private baby care room with wall outlets.

The Chicago Botanic Garden in Glenview has a first aid room located inside the Visitor’s Center that often accommodates pumpers.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our series and can share it with other parents who might find it useful! Have a wonderful holiday season!


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