7 Ways to Keep Up Your Pumping Motivation

Q: I hate pumping! What can I do to find the motivation to keep going?

Via @LoveYourLittleDesign

We get it–pumping isn’t fun! Sometimes it helps to set up comforting and positive routines in your workday to encourage yourself to pump. Here are some ideas we’ve heard from other breastfeeding parents that helped them to push through pumping difficulties to reach their working and pumping goals:

  • Set an alarm on your phone or block out time on your work calendar to remind you to pump.
  • The day before you go back to work, make a list of reasons you want to continue to breastfeed. Put the list in a prominent spot in your pumping area, and read it on the days you need a morale boost.
  • Put up pictures of your baby in your pumping area to look at.
    Watch videos and look at pictures of your baby on your phone to pass the time (and encourage more letdowns)!
  • Install the Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime app on your phone and save your favorite shows for entertainment during pumping sessions.
  • Read posts on our Facebook support page while you pump!
  • Bring a favorite snack to eat when you pump.
  • Snag a couple of cute motivational pumping posters to hang up in your pumping location from our favorite local Etsy shop, Love Your Little Designs!


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