Call for Board Members and Volunteers!

Call for Board Members and Volunteers: Breastfeed Chicago is expanding our organization. We are seeking diverse, energetic, and skilled individuals to join our organization as board members and volunteers.

The ideal candidate will be passionate about:

  • equipping families, health professionals, and communities with tools for successful breastfeeding
  • advocating for breastfeeding-friendly practices from businesses, employers, hospitals and health care providers
  • working to erase disparities in breastfeeding rates due to race, age, income, sexuality, neighborhood and/or disability
  • using our influence as breastfeeding parents to normalize breastfeeding in our communities

Time Commitment:

We are looking for Board Members who will:

  • Attend four board meetings annually
  • Actively serve on one of our committees and participate in monthly committee meetings
  • Organize and lead at least one outreach or advocacy event annually
  • Advocate for our needs in the community and among your colleagues and peers
  • Financially support the organization with minimum $100/year donation

We are looking for volunteers who will:

  • Actively serve on one of our committees and participate in monthly committee meetings
  • Participate in at least one outreach or advocacy event annually
  • Share Breastfeed Chicago news and events in your community and personal networks
  • Promote our events on social media

Testimonials from Board Members

Serving on the board of Breastfeed Chicago has been important and beneficial for me. I attended a community event hosted by Breastfeed Chicago while I was nursing my fifth child. This was the fifth child that I had breastfed, but the first that I had ever taken to a breastfeeding event. I was both impressed and appreciative. Breastfeed Chicago is responsible for countless lactations successes and victories in and around the Chicagoland area.”

“The best thing about my time with Breastfeed Chicago’s Board of Directors was meeting, working with, and learning from my fellow board members. People on the board gently and effectively opened my eyes to lived experiences and ways of thinking that are very different from my own. Gaining these different perspectives and learning how they impact our work as breastfeeding advocates has been life changing.”

“Without the support of Breastfeed Chicago I would not have been able to successfully breastfeed my first son. I received so much inaccurate information from those around me, including health professionals. When applications opened to join the board, I felt compelled to give back in whatever way I could to an organization that made such a profound impact on my life. I am so proud to have been a part of Breastfeed Chicago, an organization that is so critical to making our city truly breastfeeding friendly and ensuring that parents are equipped with accurate information and support.”


Applications are due by Friday, June 21th. Once an application is received, a member of Breastfeed Chicago will reach out to schedule a phone interview.

Apply today! If you are interested in joining our passionate group, please complete this application form.

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