Advocacy Resources

Advocacy Resources

At Breastfeed Chicago, we know that mothers are powerful.  We are powerful advocates for our families and for each other.  Here are some resources you can use to advocate for breastfeeding right in your own community!

Print some of these cards out on your home printer and give a shout out to other nursing moms — make someone’s day!

Visit our petitions page and sign on to petitions actively collecting signatures towards the goal of more breastfeeding friendly policies for families!

Have a great idea to promote breastfeeding in your community?  Want help paying for a training to become a breastfeeding counselor or to buy some teaching tools for nurses at the local hospital?  Apply for a small grant to fund your idea!

One of Breastfeed Chicago’s first projects in 2012 was the compilation of this fantastic toolkit to help mothers advocate for themselves with their health care providers and within their communities.

These cards have the text of the Illinois Right to Breastfeed Act printed on one side, so that you always have it handy if needed.

  • Speak Up About Your Hospital Experience

Use these templates to the tell the place you delivered if you had a positive or disappointing breastfeeding experience.