App Review: Breastfeeding Solutions by Nancy Mohrbacher

Am I pumping enough milk?  What if my baby bites me?  I’m struggling with latching.   How do I begin the weaning process?  I’m exhausted from nighttime nursing.  My baby won’t take one breast.  My older baby wakes up often at night.  Does he still need to be breastfed?  Is my baby gaining enough weight?

It’s totally normal that breastfeeding comes with questions, and these common questions deserve good answers!  What if there was a simple-to-use way that moms could quickly connect with high-quality breastfeeding information?  There is a solution!!  With this post, we’re reviewing the Breastfeeding Solutions app available for Android and Apple devices via the iTunes store Google Play store, and Amazon apps store.  Additionally, this app is based on a book by the same name.

This app is a collection of articles covering over 100 topics, authored by IBCLC and author Nancy Mohrbacher, addressing the 30 most common breastfeeding questions new mothers have.  A user can access the information by either reading the articles directly, or, by tapping (one handed even!) through an easy-to-use flow chart that connects a user to the right solution for their problem or question.  No more searching through the mountains of information on Kellymom (excellent as it is!!), or wading through lots of sometimes contradictory responses on a message board.

Other apps on the marketplaces tend towards things like timing and tracking feeds or diaper logs and weight charts.  While sometimes these things can be helpful (assuming the app is using the WHO growth charts for breastfed babies), sometimes these sorts of apps can be downright undermining by encouraging moms to concentrate too heavily on a clock and not their baby’s feeding cues.

Breastfeeding Solutions is not a replacement for quality mother-to-mother support, or the help of a good quality IBCLC when needed, but, it does simplify the process of connecting to high-quality breastfeeding information and solutions to common breastfeeding challenges.

This app would make a lovely gift for a first time, tech-savvy mother.  It’s also great for people who provide breastfeeding support to mothers, because it puts information so quickly at your fingertips.  The app is quickly garnering 5-star ratings in the marketplaces, and we at Breastfeed Chicago, agree this is an app that will provide moms with the reassurances and information they need to succeed!

Elise Fulara, former Breastfeed Chicago Board Member, helped to run several focus group reviews of this app and was paid for her work. However, neither Elise nor Breastfeed Chicago receive any proceeds from the sales of the app. We just think it’s really good.