Seeking Volunteer Campaign Consultant!

Breastfeed Chicago has a big vision for a breastfeeding promotion campaign.  Think BIG.  Like billboards and bus signs big.  But, we need YOUR help to make that vision a reality!

Thinking BIG at Breastfeed Chicago

We are seeking a savvy Chicago-area advertising consultant who is willing to volunteer their time and share their resources with the Board of Directors of Breastfeed Chicago.  We’d especially love it if that person was someone from our mother-to-mother Facebook group (not required, though) or who knows someone in our group.

Specifically, we need someone who can help coach us through the full process of creating a project budget and description to assist with our project fundraising and later, to help us work with design firms to deploy the campaign city-wide.  Passion for breastfeeding promotion and ability to see a project through to the end are musts!    We are grassroots and mom-powered, and we can do it!

If this person might be you, please fill out the following form and we will be in touch.