Board Member Spotlight: Telika’s Story

Telika Howard is no stranger to breastfeeding education and support. As a doula, mother of seven breastfed children, Breastfeed Chicago Board member, community educator, and Certified Lactation Counselor, she has deep personal and professional knowledge about the unique successes and challenges that arise in each breastfeeding relationship. Originally from the suburbs of Chicago, Telika lived in Memphis, Tennessee and Denver, Colorado before returning to Chicago … Continue reading Board Member Spotlight: Telika’s Story

Our Impact

Breastfeed Chicago is a parent-powered organization established in 2011 to support parents who breastfeed.  We work to build a cohesive and sustainable support network for breastfeeding parents through the connection of resources, cultural normalization, and institutional advocacy. In 2017, Breastfeed Chicago has grown our number of staff and volunteers, worked to build new partnerships with nonprofits and public health agencies, and created new connections with … Continue reading Our Impact

The ACA & Breastfeeding Insurance Coverage

I know you’re tired.  Parenthood is exhausting.  Just getting out the door has become a monumental task. When your days are full of nursing or pumping, diapers, back to work, family management, and all the other bajillion things that you need to get done before the sun goes down (and your baby wakes up, amirite?) thinking about insurance coverage violations are the LAST thing you have … Continue reading The ACA & Breastfeeding Insurance Coverage