Kelly’s Giving Story

Kelly Holmes knows the value of perseverance and a solid support system. She joined the Breastfeed Chicago Facebook page after the birth of her son Kellan in April of 2013. She and her husband Montez were already parenting her older stepson Jaren, but breastfeeding was new to Kelly. Kelly often experienced back pain due to the size of her breasts. She chose not to have breast … Continue reading Kelly’s Giving Story

Donating Breastmilk, Explained

I am a donor mom. I started donating blood when I was 17 years old, I donated my hair a few times, and most recently I donated my breast milk. I will admit, the first time I donated blood it was to get out of class in high school. But, the satisfaction of knowing that I may have helped save a life kept me donating for years to come. … Continue reading Donating Breastmilk, Explained