Entertaining Older Siblings with a Breastfeeding Newborn in the House

We just had our third child in September. Unlike when we had our second, I didn’t have as many worries this time around about how I would care for, feed, entertain and love all the kids at the same time. I had practice and experience about how this was going to work. However, for some parents, having a second baby can be just as daunting … Continue reading Entertaining Older Siblings with a Breastfeeding Newborn in the House

Breastfeeding Moms Just Wanna Have Fun

I have heard it all from a variety of people in my life how formula feeding is easier than breastfeeding – especially if you want to have fun. Want to drink a beer? Can’t do it because you are breastfeeding.  You want a night out? Sorry, the babe needs to eat and only you can feed her. You need a break? Sorry…….you can’t, you breastfeed. … Continue reading Breastfeeding Moms Just Wanna Have Fun

How I Ditched the Nipple Shield

As I sit here typing while nursing my son, I think back to just a few short weeks ago at how hard it once was for both me and him. On December 27 my son was born at 7 lbs 12 oz, and was just amazingly beautiful. I held my son to my chest shortly after birth and he suckled for a few short moments … Continue reading How I Ditched the Nipple Shield

Breastfeeding My 10.5 Month Old

Editor’s Note: Special thanks to The Maiden Metallurgist for generously allowing us to repost this piece. Please see the end of the post for additional resources.* I was talking to my grandma earlier today about our favorite subject- Henry- and breastfeeding came up. Again. My grandma is obsessed with the fact that I am still breastfeeding my boy. She is a little senile, well, maybe … Continue reading Breastfeeding My 10.5 Month Old

Dear New Mama…

Dear New Breastfeeding Mom, Imagine I’m sitting next to you on a comfy couch right now. I’m nursing my baby, and you’re nursing yours. Maybe we’re drinking tea, and we are definitely eating chocolate cake. Congratulations on your new addition! Your life has changed a ton, but let me try to make it a little easier. Your biggest concern will be what every new mom … Continue reading Dear New Mama…

Enlightenment and Healing

Nine years ago my son was born. Nine weeks premature and weighing just over three pounds, I was thrown into the world of NICUs, breast pumps, and doctor visits. When my pregnancy came to an end, my grieving began. I didn’t realize it as grieving right away—I was far too numb from the whole experience to have any true concept of what I was going … Continue reading Enlightenment and Healing

Our Favorite Breastfeeding Advice

This week’s post is all about our members. Members of our Facebook group were asked how long they’ve been breastfeeding and their favorite words of wisdom. We want to emphasize that there is no “right” length of time to breastfeed your baby – everyone takes their own journey, but every journey is a lot more fun when you have supportive and encouraging people around you. … Continue reading Our Favorite Breastfeeding Advice

No More Failure Stories: Karaleigh’s story

Editor’s Note: This post is the first in a series we’re calling “No More Failure Stories.” We know that mom-to-mom support is one of the most important ways we can ensure that other moms continue to breastfeed, despite setbacks and difficulties. We hope that Karaleigh’s story will help you to remember a time when someone helped you get over a hurdle. Whether or not we … Continue reading No More Failure Stories: Karaleigh’s story

The Pump Room

This post was originally posted on The Chicago New Moms Group blog. Thank you to Linda Szmulewitz for allowing us to re-post it! Share your pumping-at-work experiences in the “comments” section below! Recently on the mother to mother Breastfeed, Chicago Facebook group, a mom vented a brief story of a negative interaction with a coworker that she had regarding her need to pump at work.  This story … Continue reading The Pump Room

Chicago Area Breastfeeding Coalition’s “When is Enough Enough?” Conference Notes

The Chicago Area Breastfeeding Coalition (an awesome group of ladies, I must say) hosted their annual breastfeeding conference at Illinois Masonic this past Saturday, October 1. The theme of the conference was “When is Enough Enough? Milk Supply, Mom’s Nutrition, Social Networking.” The audience was an amalgam of moms, lactation consultants, peer counselors, nurses, doctors, and doulas. Here are some highlights from the conference that … Continue reading Chicago Area Breastfeeding Coalition’s “When is Enough Enough?” Conference Notes