Breastfeeding and the Common Cold

Ever since the cold weather started here in Chicago (and then stopped, and then started, and then stopped…), members of our Facebook group have been asking about safe remedies for the common cold for breastfeeding mothers. Here are some of the great ideas brought up by our members*: Should I breastfeed my baby when I have a cold? Yes, yes, and yes!!!!!! When you get … Continue reading Breastfeeding and the Common Cold

Breastfeeding During the Holidays

Let’s be honest.  While winter can bring lots of joy and extra snuggles with our nurslings, the holidays can also be a difficult time in our breastfeeding journey. You’ll definitely be busier than usual – shopping, cooking, cleaning, attending worship services and holiday gatherings.  You may have houseguests for several days — or even weeks.  You might be traveling and living in someone else’s (un-child-proofed) … Continue reading Breastfeeding During the Holidays