Labor Day in the Delivery Room (aka the Bathroom)

So, I was planning on taking the holiday off and skipping this week for our blog, but today was such an incredibly wonderful day, I just had to share. At 8:00am this morning, my friend’s husband called me, telling me my friend was in labor and asking me to meet them at the hospital and be their stand-in doula (their planned-for doula was out of … Continue reading Labor Day in the Delivery Room (aka the Bathroom)

Seek Help

Breastfeeding my first child was extremely important to me. Not only for the health benefits of it and the bonding/closeness breastfeeding brings you to your baby, but because it would prove to me that my body works. See, we had issues getting pregnant. We tried for a couple of years and eventually had to seek help from a fertility specialist. We did conceive, but it … Continue reading Seek Help

Going Back to Work

Going back to work and continuing to breastfeed is not easy.  Especially when your little one is extra little – and you know everyone around you suspects she’s not getting enough.  All of a sudden you can be measured and judged. Even with an unbelievably flexible boss, an amazingly supportive husband and – shall we say – an above-average sense of self-confidence, I still find … Continue reading Going Back to Work