Where can I pump while I’m away from my baby? – Holiday Breastfeeding Question #5

To celebrate the holidays, we’re posting the top five holiday breastfeeding questions from the Breastfeed Chicago Facebook group and answers from our experts. Here is our final question!   Heading to Christkindlmarket without baby? Celebrating Kwanzaa at the DuSable Museum during naptime? Checking out “The Sound of Music” kid-free? You’ll likely need to pump if you are away from baby for longer than two or three hours. It … Continue reading Where can I pump while I’m away from my baby? – Holiday Breastfeeding Question #5

Breastfeeding Through Medical Issues

Sometimes even super moms get sick.  Even illnesses like a cold can make nursing challenging.  So what happens when a nursing mom gets really sick or needs surgery? The vast majority of the time nursing mamas can continue their nursing relationship despite the issues with a lot of support and some creativity. On a sunny June day, 3 years ago, I had gone to the … Continue reading Breastfeeding Through Medical Issues

Adventures in NICU Nursing

Being pregnant is an interesting experience.  There is so much planning and research and care that goes into it, but so little of it is actually in your control. When I had my first, nothing was planned- I was on birth control, in fact! Obviously, it did not work.   When I started bleeding at 30 weeks, I did not have a car seat, a name, … Continue reading Adventures in NICU Nursing

Seek Help

Breastfeeding my first child was extremely important to me. Not only for the health benefits of it and the bonding/closeness breastfeeding brings you to your baby, but because it would prove to me that my body works. See, we had issues getting pregnant. We tried for a couple of years and eventually had to seek help from a fertility specialist. We did conceive, but it … Continue reading Seek Help

Different Babies, Different Styles

I was talking to a friend recently about her pregnancy that wasn’t going as she had hoped, and we started getting into my postpartum experiences: three babies, three different births, three totally different nursing stories. The more I learn about my kids, the more I’m convinced that every baby has their own path, and we just need to do our very best to keep up. … Continue reading Different Babies, Different Styles

The Self-Proclaimed Breastfeeding Educationist, A Non-Activist

ac-tiv-ist (ak-tuh-vist) nounan especially active, vigorous advocate of a cause educationist (ej-oo-key-shuh-nist) noun a specialist in the theory and methods of education By the time I got home from the hospital with my son, I felt betrayed by my body in more ways than I could count: a metabolic disorder making getting pregnant difficult, a high-risk pregnancy, a 26-hour delivery, and to top it all … Continue reading The Self-Proclaimed Breastfeeding Educationist, A Non-Activist

Going Back to Work

Going back to work and continuing to breastfeed is not easy.  Especially when your little one is extra little – and you know everyone around you suspects she’s not getting enough.  All of a sudden you can be measured and judged. Even with an unbelievably flexible boss, an amazingly supportive husband and – shall we say – an above-average sense of self-confidence, I still find … Continue reading Going Back to Work