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Part-time Director

Breastfeed Chicago, a parent-powered organization, supports breastfeeding through education, advocacy, and resource development using evidence-based practice in Chicagoland.

Vision: We envision a truly breastfeeding-friendly Chicago where all families understand the benefits of breastfeeding and easily get the support they need to successfully breastfeed their children for as long as they want to. We do this by equipping families, health professionals, and communities with tools for successful breastfeeding; by advocating for breastfeeding-friendly practices from businesses, employers, hospitals and health care providers; by working to erase disparities in breastfeeding rates due to race, age, income, sexuality, neighborhood and/or disability; and by using our influence as breastfeeding families to normalize breastfeeding in our communities.

Organizational History:

Breastfeed Chicago started as a Facebook group in 2011 by Katrina Pavlik. As the Facebook group grew, a group of members formed into a board of directors and eventually applied for 501(C)(3) nonprofit status, which was granted in 2014.

For the past 9 years, the organization has completed several short and long-term projects to address the mission of supporting breastfeeding families and promoting the normalcy of breastfeeding in Chicagoland, including:

  • Developing a website ( with lactation professional listings, support group listings, drop-in clinic listings, resources and blog posts.
  • Hosted 5 World Breastfeeding Week celebrations (Millennium Park, Garfield Park Conservatory, Hyde Park Neighborhood Club, Drucker Center (Menomonee Club) and Garfield Park (again)).
  • Reached out to 100 medical professionals with a links to breastfeeding information specifically for medical professionals.
  • Spoke at a City Council hearing on the option to place breastfeeding rooms in Chicago airports (it passed).
  • Wrote letters, got a front page article in the Chicago Tribune, and created advocacy materials for mothers whose insurance companies were not following the Affordable Care Act’s stipulations for breastfeeding support.
  • Published an OpEd in the Chicago Tribune: “Having more moms breastfeed benefits us all.”
  • Raised more than $25,000 – mostly from small member contributions. We’ve used that money to pay for the expenses of our website, hire a part-time social media coordinator, make mini-grants to breastfeeding support groups and individuals who are supporting breastfeeding, and run our events.
  • Grew the Facebook group to more than 31,000 members. Note: Breastfeed Chicago no longer runs the Facebook group.


We are looking for a Director who is interested in creating a new plan for the organization – determining the current issues that breastfeeding families face and figuring out how to harness the collective power of other families, allied organizations and professional networks to make change. We expect the Director to engage with the communities we serve and maintain the collaborative nature of this work.

You will be joining a working board, meaning that all events, initiatives, and projects are led by and carried out by board members and other volunteers. We’re looking for an energetic and skilled leader who has the time, capacity, interest and energy to step up and help us take the organization to its next iteration.

Director Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To serve as the non-voting Chairperson for the board.
  • To attend all board meetings. Some meetings are held in person at various locations in the city and suburbs; some are held virtually. Meetings are generally scheduled on weekday evenings or weekend evenings (i.e. Sunday night) to maximize attendance.
  • To ensure that the organization’s financial resources are used responsibly and that the organization is maintaining its good standing with the state and federal government.
  • To contribute financially to the organization by spearheading fundraising to support organizational programs and events. Within the first 6 months we anticipate the Director will generate at minimum $500 through fundraising efforts.
  • To leverage pro-bono and low-cost resources for the benefit of the organization (for example, communications volunteers).
  • To address the needs of the organization in a leadership role and as a support to committees.
  • To elect and fill executive board positions along with the board.
  • To recruit new members for the organization.
  • To promote partnerships with other organizations that may help Breastfeed Chicago achieve its goals.
  • Ensure organizational compliance with the World Health Organization (WHO) International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes ( which aligns with Breastfeed Chicago organizational values.
  • To promote the mission of Breastfeed Chicago and rejuvenate the Board’s ongoing work in the city.

Choosing new Director: We are specifically looking for a Director who brings a variety of experiences and skills to the board. We will prioritize candidates who have training in or experience with breastfeeding and who come from diverse backgrounds. Previous experience in a director position is not necessary–passion combined with a compelling vision for the organization is highly valued. Beyond board meetings, the Director is expected to lead organizational projects and events and use their personal and professional networks to garner support for our work. We specifically expect the Director to lead fundraising efforts in the first 6 months and raise at minimum $500 in funding for the organization.

Timeline: Applications will be received on a rolling basis. Candidates who submit competitive applications will be invited to complete an interview process with the selection committee. The Director position will be a contracted position for 6 months with the option to extend pending board approval. We anticipate the Director to give 10-15 hours per month. Please note that the contract for this position is short because we want to ensure that the Director is a good fit for the culture of the organization and able to successfully collaborate with existing board members.

Compensation: This position will be compensated on a monthly basis in the amount of $200.00. Being considered a 1099 position, certain candidates may qualify for tax write-offs.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please email your application by midnight on Friday, August 28, 2020 to [email protected] with the following:

  • In the body of the email answer the questions below
  • Attach a copy of a cover letter and your resume

Breastfeed Chicago Director Application


Email:                                                   Phone:


Social Media Accounts (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.):

  1. Please briefly introduce yourself and what makes you interested in becoming the Director for Breastfeed Chicago.
  2. What skills and/or connections do you bring to the position, and how are you interested in using them to help us achieve our goals (see goals above)?
  3. What methods will you use to meet the fundraising requirements for this position (see above)?
  4. Breastfeed Chicago is ready for a newly energized vision. If you were to become the Director, how would you motivate board members and help committees successfully execute their ongoing projects?
  5. Do you have the capacity to commit to working 10-15 hours per month for this organization? How will you manage your time efficiently in this role to maximize the effect of your work for us?
  6. How would you describe your leadership style? How do you envision collaborating with the current board members and what will you do to keep them engaged?
  7. What is your experience working on breastfeeding equity and improving breastfeeding justice?
  8. What questions do you have for us?
  9. Please list two references (non-family)